The 9th SRC Administration is a team of astute and committed students who are led with a conviction to serve, empower and transform the lives of students through pragmatic initiatives, sound policies, programs and activities. Our core goal is to enrich the lives of students even as they gain the requisite skills, knowledge and competencies that will make them standout within their field of study.

Akwaaba Health Walk Organised by The 9th SRC

We are poised to make Data Link University College visible within the tertiary education landscape, by embarking on extra-curricula activities that is consistent to our goals and framework of University education. We, as a university college have gone through some fluctuating moments in our pursuit of providing a world-class university education to individuals and students with the desire to develop themselves into people of great influence and relevance in whatever career path they choose to undertake.

Data Link University College is currently moving forward by providing standard tutelage in a competitive academic environment. Hence, to be the leader in providing the best when it comes to university education. That notwithstanding, the purpose and role of the Students’ Representative Council  (SRC) was not well assimilated by the management of our institute some years past, therefore making previous SRC administrations not to perform to the best of their potential.

I am humbled that the relevance of the SRC in Institutional Advancement is gradually being seen by top management now. This is due to the great works began by our predecessors, hence as the Chief Spokesperson or Leader of the 9th SRC Administration, I am committed to pursue the interests of students, serve and empower students through pragmatic leadership that has the propensity of igniting school spirit thereby serving as an avenue for institutional advancement.


The philosophy of the 9th SRC Administration is Teamwork. We believe that “teamwork makes the dream work”;hence, we are not only positioned to work in harmony towards the execution of our strategic goals but equally coordinate with the teaching and non-teaching staff to ignite school spirit.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the building of the first ever full fledge website for the SRC expecially Hon. Isaac Kwame Owusu, and the team at the Editorial Board. The 9th Students’ Representative Council  (SRC) is guided by the letter and the spirit of the constitution, therefore the aims and objectives stipulated in the constitution are the aims and objectives yielded to. Data Link University College, the premiere university in Tema, the institution where minds are ploughed for service has a future to boast off. Indeed, the Future Is Bright.


Andrews Kofi Akoto-Addo

SRC President 2017/2018.




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