Student Services Department: Here are all the Services they provide

Students performance in their respective programmes of studies partly depends on availability of an enabling environment that ensures that students remain focussed on their studies. Data Link Institute (DLI) provides a range of student support services to help students towards this direction.

DLI has the Student Support Service Office that work closely with Student Representative Council (SRC) in helping boost campus life through guidance and counseling, search for accommodation, seminars, orientation etc. The Institute is ready to help you develop and to achieve your academic goals.

All students who need special counseling are encouraged to contact the Student Service Office for solutions to issues affecting academics and general life. The officer responsible treats your issues confidentially and if possible reassigns them to requisite counseling unit for the best response as needed.


The Student Support Services Office guides and also provides some of the under listed services to students on behalf of the Registrar upon receiving the request:

  • Internship Letters
  • English Proficiency Letter
  • Letter of Introduction (To Embassy for Visa, Companies for Project Work, National Identification Authority for Ghana ID Card, National Trust Fund, etc.)
  • General letter of introduction
  • Recommendation Letters(HODs)
  • Letter of Attestation
  • Transcripts (Registrar)
  • Certicates (Registrar)

The Institute provides services such as issuance of Letters for Residence Permit, Internship Letters, and Letter for renewal of Residence PermitIntroductory letters to banksand introductory letter for project work free of charge.

However, application fee applies to other services and it is recommended that students who wish to apply for any of these services should check and pay the relevant application fee before submitting their request form

Prices are subject to change


Continuing and completed students of Data Link Institute who wish to request for any of these services are required to follow the steps below:

  1. Collect Request/Clearance Form from the Front Desk at main campus, Tema Community 10
  2. Fill the Request Form and where applicable pay appropriate fees at Data Link Institute Account Office
  3. Attach the Pay in Slip to the filled request form and submit at the Front Desk
  4. The request will be ready for collection within 5 days
  5. When ready, the Front Desk will contact you to come for it.


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