Our Vision

To become am internationally acclaim research center over the next decade.

Our Mission

Support faculty, students, staff and university administration in efforts to encourage and support research, creative activities, and other expressions of academic scholarship.  


DLIRPT is headed by the Vice-President of Data Link Institute, and has responsibility for: 

I. the development and implementation of the University’s research policy and guidelines; 

II. the promotion, facilitation and co-ordination of research activities in the Institute as a whole; 

III. establishing operational systems for ethical clearance, as well as their monitoring and evaluation; 

IV. setting standards and ensuring effective dissemination of high quality research output; 

V. promoting the development of faculty capability and capacity to deliver high quality research output 

VI. ensuring effective distribution and efficient use of research funds, in line with priority areas identified in the Institute’s strategic plan and national needs; 

VII. providing liaison between the Institute and funding agencies and broker strategic partnerships between such agencies and the Institute 

VIII. facilitating the development of the Institute’s strategic plan, Including business plans; and monitor implementation and delivery against set objectives and targets; 

IX. promoting strategic partnerships between the Institute, other universities locally and abroad, relevant industries and business community; 

X. the registration, protection, patenting and commercialisation of intellectual property;